The Kitchen at Goodwood, Oregon

Making Butter!

A friend lent me her mother's old butter churn. 
I have wanted to churn butter for ages.  Here is the saga:

Step one: pour cream in churn


Step 2: Insert paddle


Step 3: Screw the lid on and start churning


Step 4: Go get the new Harry Potter because this is taking FOREVER!!! 
I ended up with the hardest whipped cream ever. 
I couldn't even turn the paddle anymore. 


Step 5: give up and throw it all into the Kitchen Aid:


Step 6: Instant butter... figures......  Wash under cool water. 
Real buttermilk is nothing like the store's. 
It is very thin, much better....


Step 7: Knead the butter to get all the liquid out.


Step 8: Butter!!!!  This was made from 1 quart of cream.


Step 9: Let the doggies lick the bowl!!!


I have to figure out how much it cost me for that amount of butter. 
Probably not cost efficient, but totally fresh!!! 

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