Claire: a definition of a name

Brilliant, Illustrious, Bright, Shining, Clean. One who wishes to control her destiny.

Academically minded, is always Jovial and is noted for her refinement.


Claire cannot understand why everyone these days is so obsessed with career and work, success and money.   In Claire’s world these are very much secondary considerations (although the influence of Jupiter in her name suggests that she is unlikely to ever suffer real hardship or poverty.)   Her main interests are the practical, down to earth issues of everyday living.   She does have buckets of energy, shown by the driving L.   Claire is the sort of Woman who accomplishes things that the rest of us keep meaning to do but never seem to find the time for, like building that conservatory, painting the porch or landscaping the Garden.   Claire’s name has the same value as Uriel, the archangel of the element of earth and we can expect her to have an affection for all things with a natural connection.   She is not one for using modern synthetic materials in her house, and will surround herself with traditional furnishings.   Ideally Claire would love to have an idyllic wood cottage in the Forrest far away from contemporary distractions.


Harmony, home, happiness are very important to a woman named Claire.   This is a person who tends to be sympathetic and compassionate to all who know her.   She often finds herself involved with causes and activities that aim to help others.   Claire most Easily accomplishes this through her artistic talent and abilities.   She always seeking to bring beauty and peace into her environment and may be counted on to add her own grace to whatever project she takes on.

This shows my cultured side.   I'm making a T Shirt to wear at the WWE event.  Hee hee!

OK, about this definition....maybe...   I also don't get all the weird capitalizations....

Thanks to Dan for finding this in a book of names, writing it down and presenting me with this on my 50th birthday!  (Dear God!!!  Did I actually make it?)


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