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Dog Show Pictures

Dog shows are fun stuff.  Here are some pics of the 2007 GPDC specialty in Canby, Oregon.

Claire Mancha Dog Show Chair

I chaired the Greater Portland Dachshund Club specialty in June of 2007.  I found both of the prizes at Goodwill and I made that dress from a pattern from 1952.  I made that corsage from some roses growing by a thrift store where I found that fabulous orange plastic necklace and glasses beads.  Wheeee!

Bee Spencer at the Canby Dog Show    Bee Spencer Ring Steward for the Canby Dog Show

Bee Spencer and Ollie Click make sure all runs smoothly 
Bee confers with a long time colleague


Bee Spencer 2007  Bee Spencer and Claire Mancha

Bee and the corsage I made her!                                   Yours truly and Bee.


Nicole Cooper, Mary Friebert and Erin Bate, See, Hear and Speak no Evil

L to R: Mary F, Erin B and Nicole C.


Friends at the Canby Dog Show    

L to R: Dan M, Julie N, Kim R and Penny and Mary F.      


2007 GPDC Trophies for the Canby Specialty

Yours truly looks over the trophy table.



Dan Mata takes 40 winks

It's all too much for the Danster.


Julie Couch wears her corsage    Julie Couch ring stewarding

In which I put Julie's corsage on to her dismay... 
But she still did a GREAT job as ring steward!!!


Kim Ristedt gets a corsage    Kimberly Ristedt gets a corsage

Kimmy gets her corsage.  Wow!  She looks great!


Kimberly Ristedt and Dan Mata at the Canby Dog Show 2007

It's the beautiful people corner!


Kim Ristedt in the Longhair ring 2007

Kim forgets who she is and why is she kneeling on this grass with all these dogs and people??



Claire Mancha and Bee Spencer ringside at Canby 2007

Yours truly and Miss Bee.



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