Digging the tunnels at Belden Farms in Turner OR

Earthdog is possibly my second favorite doggy sport after the hunting hound test.  Here are the pictures from the den placement fun day at the Beldens' farm in Turner Oregon.  We had splendid weather and a pretty good turnout!  


Trying out a new configuration in the barns



Loading the den liners and hauling the shovels



Shows the vastness of this field!  Unloading the den liners and placing them in order on the ground.



Double checking the AKC rules for layout, then spray painting around the dens to make a digging pattern.



The totally awesome back hoe, without which we'd be using pick axes in this river bottom, stony earth.



Consulting and digging out the base of the tunnels to make them even and flat.



Finishing up the liners for the Jr., Sr. and Master tunnel, and hauling out the new Intro tunnel liners.



Delores Belden and Charlene Owens show their NASCAR skills!  The new Intro tunnel being dug and placed.



More on the new Intro


Re-fencing the old Intro which will be a practice area this year.


A huge thank you to Ben and Delores Belden for the gracious use of their farm.

Another huge thank you to the Dachshund loving men and women who worked so hard!!!


This is an amazing site if you want to learn more about go-to-ground dogs........



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