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European Dachshunds

All the pups have found wonderful families!

Puppies have arrived!

Puppies' pedigree

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Franka was bred on June 13 and 15
with a due date of  August 13th +/- 2 days.
The ultrasound was done on July 8th and the X ray will be on August 10th.
The pups should be ready for homes in late October 2013.

Pictures of Franka at 6 weeks 

Ultrasound says: 5 puppies!

standard smooth dachshund ultrasound

Franka / Jasper
FC Franka von Schlendrian x FC Kearsarge Mountain's Ash CGC

German standard smooth dachshund

AKC Field Champion, spurlaut on rabbit and kitty-cat, rated V by Monika Wittkamp,
gun shyness tested, retrieves in water, excels in heavy brush work.

blood tracking standard smooth dachshund

AKC Field Champion, CGC, working blood tracker, spurlaut.

Franka's Pedigree

Jasper's Pedigree

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