Goodwood House Oregon

European Dachshunds


Abs. 1 FC Easy de la Chapellerie SE


Gilly takes her 1st points as a FC!

Standard Smooth Dachshund Field Trial Winner

Gilly took 4th place in a very tough field of champions.
Saturday, Sept 11th, 2010,  Addison, MI.


She's a super star!!! 

Gilly in NJ taking NBQ in her first run as a new FC.  Judges R Schwalbe and R Eltringham.

Gilly takes 1st place and wins her FC in NJ.  Judge Lorraine Simmons (Judge M. Nothstein not shown)



Gilly in Ohio May 3rd, 2010

 L to R:  Judge Gail Page, Laura Knolls, Gilly, Yours Truly, and judge Bob Page

At 1 year of age, Gilly is a MONSTER in the field

1st weekend out at a beagle grounds in the Midwest:

Sat: 1st OAAB for 11 points, Best Open
Sun: 1st OAAB for 10 points, Best Open, Absolute. 


fall 2009

Gilly surprised me by winning 3rd place in OAAB class at her 1st field trial in the fall of 2009. 
She was a bit hesitant, but I think she'll get the hang of things by and by. 
She loved being outdoors and playing with the other dogs and getting pet by the people.



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