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standard smooth dachshund senior earthdog

Gilly earned her Senior Earthdog title
at Turner, OR on October 23, 2010.
Judge Marillyn Douglas


Gilly earns 2 legs of her SE on Sept 25, 26, 2010!

standard smooth dachshund earthdog    standard smooth dachshund earthdog

L: Judge Jennifer Smith                                                R: Judge Camilla Moon
Silly Gilly would have earned her SE title had she not decided
to go hunting down the master path instead of doing her SE job!
Dogs certainly keep us humble.


 Thanks to Christina for taking Gilly to a 4 test weekend
and getting her titled!!!

Standard Smooth Dachshund earns a JE title.  Teddy Moritz judge
The fabulous Teddy Moritz awards Gilly her JE title!
September 5th, 2010.



Columbia River Cairn Club, July 26, 2010
Intro: bolted into the tunnel, made it to the rats, barked.  Judge said she backed up. Fail
JE: bolted to the tunnel, ran around the top for 20 seconds,
ran back into the tunnel, made it to the rats in 20 seconds, barked for 60 seconds. Judge
said she doinked around on top too long.  Fail.
Verdict: She likes and "gets" this game.  She'll be fine.


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