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CERF Normal, 14 Dec 2009


Here are some pictures that I took on June 21st, 2009

We went to Castle Rock to run the dogs and so I could examine Odin for the 1st time.

I sure liked what I saw....

Odin stacked at Castle Rock

This boy had never been stacked before, so this isn't as polished as it will be.

He is soaking wet too.  He is absolutely fearless and threw himself into the creek.


Odin ribbing length

Wonderful length of ribbing



Odin keel

Keel goes way back.


European dachshund head

Very nice head.  Eyes and ears well set and shaped.


pincer bite on a dachshund

Odin has a pincer bite.


rear of dachshund

Wonderful strong rear.  Walks perfectly parallel.

Two well developed and equally sized testicles.

Nice tight feet.


dachshund wrap around

Foreshortened picture, but shows his lovely straight ahead feet.
Nice wraparound when moving.  No "air" seen.

Not as loaded in the shoulders as this picture suggests.

Lovely prosternum.

Less than 2 fingers between top of shoulder blades.


Odin natural stack

Very nicely balanced dog.
Wonderful temperament.  Liked my girls and loves people.

Crazy in the field!


animated dachshund

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