Rabbit Dinner at Goodwood

My brother descended on me with his brood, so I decided it was time to bring out the bunnies.  I braised them in one of my favorite vintage roasters.


Bring the bunnies out from the freezer and defrost


Cut each rabbit into 6 pieces.


Tease Kadenz...


Brown rabbit and place in roaster on carrot mirepoix


This roaster is a seamless curve inside.  It was advertised as a "sanitary" roaster as no bacteria could hide in seams as there weren't any.


Pour broth over it, season it, and braise in the oven...


Yours truly wearing an apron given to me by my mother.  Bresse is an area in France, and their chickens are world famous.

But, forget about poulets... we are having rabbit tonight.  It was delicious and devoured by the usual suspects.


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