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Early Sunday, July 12, 2009

1:50 AM, b&t female, 9.75 oz, beige

3:00 AM, red female, 8 oz, white

4:25 AM, red male, 10.5 oz, black

5:15 AM, red male, 9.5 oz, brown

5:50 AM, red female, 8.75 oz, orange

The happy family...


X-ray says: 5 puppies!

I forgot my camera, but one of the techs took a pic for me. 
As soon as I get it, I'll post it.


How they still run, I'll never know... 6 weeks along...


Wheee!  Look at my belly!!!


Scout 4 weeks into her pregnancy


Scout and Dan smooch!


Ultrasound says: 7 puppies!

The little black holes with the squiggle in them are the babies!

Dr. Lopate says all the babies (both Scout's and Vela's) look normal. 
No sign of resorbtion, and all the fetuses are the same size.

Good job Dr. Lopate!

Good job Brian!

Good job Scout!

Scout was inseminated by surgical AI, Wednesday,  13, 2009

Thank you to Dr. Cheryl Lopate for permitting me to document this...

First we have to go to sleep......


Then we have to get our belly shaved...


Strapped down and ready to go...
Look how high tech everything is!


She is out, out, out!


The brilliant Dr. Lopate working her magic!


Close up of the brightly lit workspace that is Scout's tummy...


Threading the needle (I think...)


Beautiful work!  Job well done!

We'll be getting the ultrasound done beginning of June!

Stay tuned!!!


Dr. Cheryl Lopate is calling the plays, we are lucky to have a therio right in our backyard!

Show and performance homes always embraced!

Pet homes much appreciated!


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