The Kitchen at Goodwood

Golden Trout

(The state fish of California)

These were from Idaho...

I went to my fish man to find out about getting raw fish carcasses for my dogs, but found these lovely golden trout instead.

My biggest beef with trout is that they are selling them way too big.  I like a small trout that fits in a regular frying pan.

I found this pan at a thrift store...  I knew it would come in handy!

Melt some butter in there to grease the pan and to butter up those fishies!


Cut up a lovely lemon into thin slices........


Butter up those trout and arrange them artistically in the pan......


Cover the trout with the lemon slices...


Bake in 350 oven for about 1/2 hour...




Eat it up.  You peel the trout filets right off the bone.  (Just like in the cartoons!)


Always let the dogs lick the pan.



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