Abs2 DC Goodwood 2 Good 2 B True, JE

"Vela"  (like in Harry Potter)

(DC Rosegate Kansas Traveler  x  Ch Sausage Stables Cedar SS)


Vela's 1st breeding

Vela's 2nd (and last) breeding  11 or 12/2009

Vela's Conformation Page

Vela's Field Trial and Earthdog Page

Vela on the beach!  The video is up!!!

Vela goes NUTS in an Ohio ground hog hole  Check this video out!!!


Vela meets a horse on the Whidbey Island ferry.  



Radioactive jewelry!



Vela is a wild child!!! (4 months)




Vela is the definition of "naughty" (5 1/2 months)



Vela gets a smooch from a snowman!


Vela has her Daddy's head.  (give it back!)


She's growing up! 8 months and a week.


9 months.


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