The Latest Projects, Goodwood House, Oregon

Appliance Week


This was a dreadful month for me at Goodwood.

Granted, the washing machine was elective, but the fridge, the water main and the range were NOT!

The fridge went relatively smoothly, other than the old one was HUGE
and had to be disassembled to get it out the doors! 
My new one is as tall, but 3" more narrow.  It is also cheaply made, darn it. 
I can really tell the difference.  Why are the good ones all so big? 
Answer me that Mr. Manufacturer!


I have only 2 requirements for a refrigerator.   It MUST be on wheels and it MUST
have the freezer on the bottom.  This one has both  It also can
house my trays that I put on the shelves so I don't have to clean my fridge so often. 
 Just take out the trays, and presto!



Here is the new fridge looking beautiful.  Next to it you see the 1st new stove.



Here is my old stove which came with the house. 
It is mid 60s vintage and worked quite well for 3 years. 
I adjusted to electric well, and had no real issues with it other than it never stayed
clean in the oven.  I could clean it one day and
cook one thing and it looked as bad as if I hadn't cleaned it at all.



Alas, poor stove, I knew you well.  Off it goes with the truck drivers. 
They had a GREAT strap carrying system that is far superior to any dolly or hand truck. 
Simple and extremely efficient.  Of course, it is a German invention.



Out with the old, in with the new.  Ooohh!  A cool cardboard carton!!!



The old stove gets to watch as the new one gets its pigtail.  (Electric plug)



Mr. Big tells Mr. Menial to attach the pigtail.  More on this later!



In though the front door....



Set it down geeeennnnntly............



Oh crud!  The electric plug that was put in is in the WRONG spot!!! 
It will interfere with the gas line.  Back to the drawing board.





Same night: my oven is blessed by Sister Sue.  You can see the laying on of hands. 
"COOK!"  She shouted, then cried "It's so beautiful, sniff, sniff."




Next day, darling electrician did his magic, plug moved, plumbers in, gas line in.  And....



I come home to this!!!  They are taking away my new stove to stove prison. 
Apparently it was a terrorist stove which was badly wired and was going to kill us all. 
I now feel my confidence rating on this new stove plummet.




Appliance store repairman and his underling put new pigtail on new stove. 
I am less than joyous.




Round 2 of getting the oven in the house. 
Mikel fulfills lifelong dream and gets to direct.



Silly repair man!  Doesn't he know this is an electric stove? 
Actually, he's leveling the feet on the appliance.



Everyone is gone, it works.  Now to get the protective film off the oven.



Of course, every major life event needs a fist fight.  Take that!!! 
(Note new cashmere sweater in lovely coral pink!  Found at Goodwill for $5.)



Virginal oven, look quick because Thanksgiving is coming and I imagine it will get a workout!  
Drippy pies, spattering turkey, general mayhem and havoc.

I am pretty happy with this oven, I wish it was white, but...  I'm glad to have gas once again.

SO... thus ends the saga of the appliances.  I need NO more!  Please house, stop the madness!


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