Goodwood Standard Smooth Dachshunds

What I look for in an owner, what you get as a puppy home.

The European standard smooth is extremely hard to find in the US!
There are only 2 of us that specifically breed for prey drive.  One on each coast.

If you are looking for a standard smooth (any lineage) be prepared to wait.
All good things take time.  Most great breeders will help you find your 
special puppy nationwide if they have nothing available at the time.
Beware the breeder who only gives you information on his/her own litters.

If you find you have a good rapport with a breeder, it is to your benefit 
to wait for a litter from him/her.  This breeder should/ will be involved 
with you to your level of comfort for the life of the dog.


Here is what I expect from someone who wants one of my dogs:

Enough interest to keep in touch for the duration of the wait.
You must really want this pup.  I do not "sell" pups, I put them in the best homes.
If you really want one, I can tell.  If you aren't bugging me, then you aren't serious.

Enough money not only to buy the puppy, but to care for it to a 
reasonable degree its entire life.  This means not only yearly routine exams 
and teeth scaling, but unexpected emergencies as well.  They can and do 
happen and they are expensive!

A fenced yard.  Dachshunds are scent driven.  They can put their noses 
to the ground and leave the premises in seconds flat.  If you have a 
securely fenced yard, you can allow your dogs to be outside 
without worry.  Time off for you, freedom for them.

Or... you had better have enormous discipline to walk that dog 
at least twice a day for a long time!  Dachshunds need lots of exercise 
to run off all that energy.  At least 2 miles a day of walking.

Previous dachshund ownership is mandatory.  These are not 
easy dogs and housebreaking them can by trying.  You must 
really love the breed to put up with a lot of what they do.

Icing on the cake:

Someone at home all day
or takes the dog with them often on errands
Someone sleeps with the dog
Another dog to play with (not a giant breed)

Other considerations:

Non smoking homes have strong preference.

I don't sell breeding animals unless I know you very well.

I don't sell to homes with too many dogs already (my decision)

These dogs must be house dogs, not kenneled outside.

If you are local, I will come out to your home to visit first.

I never sell dogs for surprise gifts or during holidays.


Why am I so picky?  Because I can be! 
There are many prospective buyers for very few puppies. 
Why shouldn't I want the best for my dogs?


What you get in return:

A healthy, loving puppy which is/has:

crate trained
all age appropriate immunizations
parasite free
been extensively socialized with dogs and people
allow their teeth to be brushed and their nails to be Dremeled.
beginning clicker training
Raised with the Puppy Culture regime
been Volhard tested
been evaluated by Pat Hastings
had the puppy stress excercises
Will be suited to your family lifestyle by personality and intended use.

I provide a crate with each puppy.
I always have a contract
I stay in touch with you for the life of the dog

These are things that you ideally should get when you 
purchase from any good breeder.

This is why my puppies aren't inexpensive.  You are getting a 
well bred dog plus my time and energy for not only the time
that I help raise these pups, but for the life of the dog.  
I want puppy parents who will cherish this dog for its whole life.

All puppies are $1600
Pups placed with active blood trackers and/or hunters will have special consideration.

If this sounds like the kind of arrangement  you'd like, please feel free to contact me at

I am more than happy to provide references from my puppy families.

I am grateful to all my puppy homes.


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