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2011's Breedings:

Villae Alistes Ramos Busch x FC Easy de la Chapellerie SE

The puppies have arrived!

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X-ray shows 5 pups that are a more reasonable size
than Tristan's.  Natural whelping should be no problem.  Whew!

21 1/2 inches around the belly at 35 days of pregnancy.
It's odd to see normally slim Gilly so tubby!

standard smooth hunting dachshund puppies for sale

We have 5 puppies on the way!

Due date September 1st, +/- 2 days

Gilly and Ramos playing in the Busch's garden.

June 13, Gilly starts her season.

June 20, Gilly tests negative for Brucellosis

June 23, Gilly passes the CERF exam. (for PRA and cataracts)

June 30th, Gilly ovulates.

July 1st, Gilly and I leave for Germany.

July 2nd - 5th, Gilly and Ramos are bred, 4 natural covers.

July 3rd, Gilly is entered in a zuchtshau, and wins best smooth!

July 6th, back home to Portland.

For further information please contact me.


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