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Week 8   Socializing with a new doggy!

Here is Yellow with his California cousin Reddy.  Reddy was a bit rambunctious at first, but soon settled down to be the best little friend to the babies!  


Pretty soon the puppies figured out Reddy is a big softie and took complete advantage.


We threw Angela into the mix.  She was a big hit!!


Reddy pretends to ignore the puppies looking for the milk spigots.


Some naughtiness!  Yellow goes for the shoes...  It was funnier when his whole head was in them, but I wasn't fast enough on the camera trigger......


In which Green gets his moniker:  Pirate Gardener.  He was a TERROR!  Ripping branches off bushes and unpotting small defenseless plants!


The sweetest for last.  Here is Reddy with either Pink or Beige.  (Can't really tell!)


Off to the vet today, so more pics to come!


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