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Ally opens her eyes on day 10.

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Week 5 (1st time outside)

Week 5 1/2 (moving day)

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Week 6 1/2 (tunnel intro) 

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Week 8, Trip to Vet 

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Week 12 update:  

Brown is now "Ally", "Goodwood's Here's the Goodsss" and lives with Jeaninne Wagner in Bend, OR

Beige is now "Paige" , "Goodwood One Good Turn" and lives with her pig, Boston terrier, 2 humans: Angela and Tony, a Mastiff, and 2 Tennessee Walking Horses in Canada.

Yellow Yellow is now "Link" , "Goodwood Good 2 the Bone", and lives with his new family in the city by the bay!  

Pink "Goodwood Goody 2 Shoes" "Tip" lives with the Lance family in Renton.  


  Red  "Goodwood 2 Good 2 B True" "Vela" lives with me here at Goodwood.


Green is now "Goodwood Good Brady", "Knuckles" and lives on 35 acres in Washington state.  


Blue  is now "Chili-dog" and lives in West Linn, OR


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